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Mission Sport Team

Meet Sydney

Sydney Scott founded Mission Sport in 2014. An avid tennis player and all around sports enthusiast, Sydney was taken with the lack of sports available to children that she encountered on her community service trips. Knowing that sports are so critical for not only physical reasons, but also as an important outlet for emotional and mental reasons, Sydney took action and Mission Sports was formed. Sydney is currently a student at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx.


Meet Milton

Milton Sipp has been at Riverdale for 20+ years, serving as Director of Admission and Financial Aid; Dean of Students; College Advisor; coach of varsity softball and basketball; and taught in the health and history departments. He also served as a National Director o the Board of NAIS and is a Board member for the Early Steps Program and George Jackson Academy in NYC. He’s a trustee for the Barnard Foundation and the American College of Greece.